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CT Fish Guides offers the opportunity to both novice and longtime anglers to strengthen their fly fishing skills. We pride ourselves on angler’s accomplishments of their own, by giving you the tools and information to land and identify high-quality fish. CT Fish Guides offers lessons on nymphing, dry fly, wet fly, streamer and night fishing. There’s a time and techniquefor everything and to ignore one method or another is only a way to limit yourself. Our philosophy is simple; there is never any one way to do anything and a successful angler should never stop learning. Open mindedness and thinking outside the box can help develop new and deadly skills. Learn what techniques are best suited for certain applications and make them work for you. Let us bring you to the next level.

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Farmington River’s Survivor Strain

By Kierran Broatch

Thriving in Connecticut’s West Branch Farmington River (WFBR) is a strain of brown trout that have become highly sought after by those who fish there. The reoccurring story of the Survivor strain begins every September, when some of state’s finest trout habitat is sampled by the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Inland Fisheries Division. Over the course of a few days, fisheries biologists and their staff amass on the Farmington, accessing fish populations and capturing trout to bolster this unique stocking program.

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