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Let’s face it; soaking bait is not everyone’s cup of tea. Then again, CTFishGuides does not teach your father’s way of bait fishing. What we do teach however, is an active and deadly angling method. Let us set the table for you. We are in the middle of a new moon phase and a low pressure system is approaching. There is a slight southwest breeze and we have a high-dropping tide. The Atlantic menhaden on ice is so fresh that it crunches when cut with a knife. The bloody head section is placed on your octopus hook and you get the green light to cast. The two previous nights have yielded 40-inch-plus striped bass and yours could be next. If chunking fresh-cut bunker for trophy stripers is on your bucket list, let us cut the learning curve for you. We will demonstrate how to locate and acquire fresh bait. We will instruct on the proper rigging techniques involved. We will also reveal when and where to apply this proven method.



The American eel is referred to by saltwater anglers as “striper candy”, for good reason too. Ask a room-full of surfcasters what they caught their personal best bass on and the majority will tell you on an eel. Live or dead, eels are very effective at enticing large striped bass. CTFishGudes will show you the ropes of fishing with eels. We will teach you the rigs and tricks involved, the ideal times and tides to fish them, and just about everything you want to know about these proven cow-killers. We can also show you how to rig a dead eel to be one of the most deadly artificial lures in your surf bag.



For some anglers, there is no higher accolade than fooling a trophy fish with an artificial lure. Whether it’s custom, wooden plugs or time-tested, plastic finnish swimmers, artificial lures deserve time in a surfcaster’s rotation. There is a dizzying array of artificials on the market today, so let us shave years of trial and error for you. CTFishGuides will teach you the most productive types of lures for deceiving large striped bass, as well as when and how they should be applied in the surf.